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This class controls how IntraWeb renders JavaScript libraries. The ServerController creates an instance of TIWJavaScriptOptions, used internally.



Class hierarchy

TPersistent -> TIWJavaScriptOptions


Debug: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

When True, IntraWeb will enable JavaScript debugging code which output lots of debugging information into the browser console window. Should not be used in production

UseUncompressedFiles: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

When True, IntraWeb will use plain, non-minimized JavaScript files. Non-minimized files are much bigger in size and should never be used in production

EnableFirebug: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

Useful when you want to debug JavaScript in restricted environments (e.g. VMs or mobile simulators)

AjaxErrorMode: TIWAjaxErrorMode; [Published, Read/Write]

emNone: JavaScript errors when receiving Ajax responses are ignored

emAlert: Output any JS error while receiving Ajax responses using alert() function

emConsole: Use the console to output JS errors while receiving Ajax responses.

Default is emAlert. In some cases (poor connections) it should be set to emNone or emConsole in order to avoid annoying popup messages.

RenderjQuery: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

If False, will not include jQuery in rendered HTML pages.

jQueryVersion: string; [Published, Read/Write]

Contains a read only string which shows jQuery version. Current version is 1.12.4


Create [Public]

Declaration: constructor Create; virtual;

Description: Constructs an instance of the class TIWJavaScriptOptions and initializes its data.

Assign [Public]

Declaration: procedure Assign(ASource: TPersistent); override;

Description: Copies properties values from another TIWJavaScriptOptions instance or TPersistent descendant.


  • ASource (TPersistent): TIWJavaScriptOptions instance to copy properties from


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