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This class controls how IntraWeb interacts with back button events. The ServerController creates an instance of TIWBackButtonOptions, used internally.



Class hierarchy

TPersistent -> TIWBackButtonOptions


Mode: TIWBackButtonMode; [Published, Read/Write]

  • bmInterceptGlobal: When set, IntraWeb will generate JavaScript code to prevent back button usage for ALL forms
  • bmInterceptForm: When set, IntraWeb will check for IWForm.PreventBackButton property. If this property is true, then it will generate code to prevent back button usage
  • bmEnable: When set, IntraWeb will not generate any code to prevent back button usage
  • bmDisableCompat (default): When set, IntraWeb will use the same code used in previous IntraWeb versions (IW 12 and prior) when ServerController.HistoryEnabled = False

Note: Blocking back button action in a browser is a very controversial subject. Also, you should have in mind that it is virtually impossible to prevent end users to go back through back button (or browser history, for that matter) if they are really decided to do it. All major browsers make sure that no JavaScript trick should be able to prevent the end user to do what he/she intends.

ShowMessage: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

 Default value is false. When TRUE, IntraWeb will show an alert message when it detects that back button has been pressed

WarningMessage: string; [Published, Read/Write]

Allows customisation of the warning message used when ShowMessage is TRUE.


Create [Public]

Declaration: constructor Create;

Description: Constructs an instance of the class TIWBackButtonOptions and initializes its data.

Assign [Public]

Declaration: procedure Assign(ASource: TPersistent); override;

Description: Copies properties values from another TIWBackButtonOptions instance or TPersistent descendant.


  • ASource (TPersistent): TIWBackButtonOptions instance to copy properties from


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