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TIWForm = class(TIWBaseHTMLForm)


procedure AddToInitProc(const ACode: string);

Use this method to add any JavaScript code to be executed when the form is rendered in the browser.


property ActiveControl: TIWCustomControl;

Use this method to set the active control when the form is rendered in the browser.

property Background: TIWBackground;

Use this property to set a backgroud image to your form.

property LayoutMgr: TIWContainerLayout;

Use this property to connect your form to a Layout Manager component, as the TIWTemplateProcessor. See Working with Templates for more information.

property LeftToRight: Boolean;

Use this property to specify text direction (right to left or left to right). Default value is True.

property LockUntilLoaded: Boolean;

Use this property to prevent user clicks on the page elements until it is fully loaded on the browser.

property LockOnSubmit: Boolean;

Use this property to prevent sequential user requests (like button clicks) when a request it is already being processed.

property StyleSheet: TIWFileReference;

Use this property to indicate a CSS file to be used by the form. The CSS file must be located in the application content path.

property ShowHint;

Use this property to enable or disable the Hint (almost all visual components has a Hint property) exibition on the browser.

property ProgressIndicator: TIWProgressIndicator;

Use this property to attach a TIWProgressIndicator to be used by the form when a submit operation is under execution.

property JavaScript: TStringList;

Use this property to add custom Javascript code to your form.


property OnAfterRender: TNotifyEvent read FOnAfterRender write FOnAfterRender;

OnDefaultAction: TNotifyEvent;

Use this event to respond when the user press the <ENTER>.

OnResize: TNotifyEvent;

Use this property to respond to a browser resize.


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