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TContentBase is the base class for all content handlers in a IntraWeb application. Content handlers work like TURLMappers in previous IntraWeb versions, i.e., a TContentBase descendant is registered for a URL path. When a request matches the registered path, the IntraWeb server passes the request to the registered TContentBase instance, which in turn processes the response.



Class hierarchy

TObject -> TContentBase


Create [Public]

Declaration: constructor Create; virtual;

Description: Constructs an instance of the class TContentBase and initializes its data.

Execute [Protected]

Declaration: function Execute(aRequest: THttpRequest; aReply: THttpReply; const aPathname: string; aSession: TIWApplication; aParams: TStrings): boolean;

Description: This method is called by IntraWeb server when the application passes the request to the content handler. Descendant classes must override this method in order to respond to the request.


  • aRequest (THttpRequest): The request object received
  • aReply (THttpReply): The THttpReply object used to respond
  • aPathname (string): The URL path of the request
  • aSession (TIWApplication): The TIWApplication instance
  • aParams (TStrings): The request parameters object

Result: Should return TRUE if the request was successfully handled


Path: string; [Public, Read only]

The path registered for the content handler. The value of this property matches the path parameter used when registering the content handler with the THandlers class.

FileMustExist: Boolean; [Public, Read/Write]

Must be TRUE if a filename matching the request path must exist. If the content handler creates dynamic content, this must be set to FALSE.

RequireSession: Boolean; [Public, Read/Write]

Must be TRUE if the handler cannot initiate a new session, meaning that a valid session must exist before handling the request.


OnBeforeExecute: TBeforeExecuteHandlerProc; [Public, Read/Write]

Triggered before the Execute method is called.


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