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TIWCompressionOptions contains HTTP compression settings used by any IW application, including ISAPI and Http.sys.



Class hierarchy

TPersistent -> TIWCompressionOptions


Create [Public]

Declaration: constructor Create; virtual;

Description: Constructs an instance of the class TIWCompressionOptions and initializes its data.

Assign [Public]

Declaration: procedure Assign(ASource: TPersistent); override;

Description: Copies properties values from another TIWCompressionOptions instance or TPersistent descendant.


  • ASource (TPersistent): TIWCompressionOptions


Enabled: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

When True, response content will be compressed using either gzip or deflate algorithm. Unless in very specific circumstances, HTTP compression should always be ENABLED. Read more about HTTP compression here.

Level: TIWCompressionLevel; [Published, Read/Write]

Level of compression. 1 = fastest, 9 = max. Default is fastest. In general, Fastest level will give good compression of HTML, JavaScript and CSS content with very little overhead.

AllowGZip: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

When True, will use GZip algorithm when browser accepts it (all major browsers do). This is the preferred compression algorithm. Default is True.

AllowDeflate: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

When True, will use Deflate algorithm when browser accepts it (all major browsers do). In general it performs a little better than GZip. however Internet Explorer has a bug and it might fail to decode it properly. Don't set AllowGZip to false leaving AllowDeflate to True, unless there are no IE clients. Default is True.

MinSize: Integer; [Published, Read/Write]

If content stream size is less than MinSize bytes the response won't be compressed. Compressing very small streams (e.g. only a few bytes) will incur in a huge overhead for no gain. Default is 512 bytes.

PreCompress: Boolean; [Published, Read/Write]

When True, all IntraWeb internal files will be compressed during application startup. Later, when serving those files, IntraWeb won't need to compress them again. This has a huge implication in performance and shouldn't be turned off, unless you have a very good reason to do so.


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