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Using a SA application config file


You can create an ini-like file to store settings used to control how the Stand Alone server starts, in your development environment. The file must have the same application name (SA executable name) with a .IWB extension.

These are the available settings:

Section [Main]:

  • Parameters -> (String) Stores run time parameters used to start your IntraWeb application
  • DebugInfo -> (Boolean) If true, will use the debug
  • SSL -> (Boolean) If true will start your application using HTTPS protocol, not HTTP
  • Browser -> (Integer) This setting controls which browser will be used when starting the IntraWeb application:
    • 0 = Default
    • 1 = Internet Explorer
    • 2 = Opera
    • 3 = Firefox
    • 4 = Chrome
    • 5 = Safari
  • RunInTray -> (Boolean) If true will start the application in system tray
  • RunMinimized -> (Boolean) if true will start the SA application in minimized state
  • StartBrowser -> (Boolean) if true, the SA application will auto start the web browser

Section [HTTP]:

  • SpeedLimit -> (Integer), if set, this value will be used as speed limit

Note: Boolean values should be used as 0 (false) or 1 (true)

All these settings are also available via SA application main menu, except the "StartBrowser" setting. You can also save these settings using the SA application main menu item, Settings -> Save Settings

This is a .IWB file example:



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