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    CrossTalk Documentation

    Development and Documentation

    During CrossTalk development the documentation in certain sections may refer to features not yet available. We hope that these time delays will be minimal.

    In order to provide the best documentation possible, we update the documentation at the completion of each new feature. Sometimes this occurs before the public release of a new build containing such features.

    What is CrossTalk?

    CrossTalk is a library for Delphi that allows native Delphi code to consume .NET code in a very transparent way, very much like referencing a package. Select .NET classes you want to use from Delphi, and that's it. Very much like in C#, or VB.NET. Or at least as close as possible without Delphi being managed code.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In addition to this documentation a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) also exists.


    CrossTalk is supported through a variety of channels. Please consult the support page.

    Installing CrossTalk

    Download and run the setup. Now you are ready to use CrossTalk. The setup will create a new group in the start menu including links to the demos.

    Supported Environments

    • Delphi / C++ 2007
    • Delphi / C++ 2009
    • Delphi / C++ 2010
    • Delphi / C++ XE

    Delphi 7 may be supported in the future if there is significant demand. CrossTalk runs well in Delphi 7, but the Open Tools API for IDE integration is different and thus requires more resources to support.


    To use CrossTalk in an project you will need:

    • CrossTalk DLLs
    • Visual C++ 2010 DLLs
    • .NET 4.0

    Although CrossTalk uses .NET 4.0, .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 assemblies can be used since .NET 4.0 is a superset of both. .NET 1.1 is not supported.


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