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License information


Bundled licenses

IntraWeb is included with your RAD Studio / Delphi / C++ Builder installation since delphi 7. You may see it as "VCL for the Web" or simply "IntraWeb". This means that you already have a license for using IntraWeb, which may have some restrictions, depending on the RAD Studio / Delphi / C++ Builder edition you are using.

If you are using the Professional edition of the IDE, you have a license for IntraWeb Personal Edition. If you are using the Enterprise or Architect version of the IDE, you have a license for IntraWeb Standard Edition.

The Bundled license grants you the right to use and upgrade IntraWeb for free limited to the IDE release you are using.

RAD Studio XE is bundled with IntraWeb XI, therefore you are entitled to use IntraWeb XI along with RAD Stiudio XE and upgrade IntraWeb XI for free, limited to RAD Studio XE and the IntraWeb edition included in your RAD Studio edition.

RAD Studio XE2 is bundled with IntraWeb XII, therefore you are entitled to use IntraWeb XII along with RAD Stiudio XE2 and upgrade IntraWeb XII for free, limited to RAD Studio XE2 and the IntraWeb edition included in your RAD Studio edition.

Bundled licenses never expires, which means your application won't stop working at any moment.

We are constantly releasing IntraWeb updates to the the most recente IDE version. Please check the Downloads page on the website for downloading toe latest release. For installing a update to your bundled IntraWeb, you will need a key. Please check website for information on how to obtain a key for your bundled IntraWeb. This key is provided for free, but we may require some checkings regarding your RAD Studio / Delphi / C++ Builder license at our sole discretion.

Please check Installing or Upgrading IntraWeb for instructions on how to install and upgrade IntraWeb.

Buying a IntraWeb license

Although IntraWeb is bundled with Delphi, there are some case you may need to upgrade your bundled IntraWeb license(s) as for example when you need the extra features included in a higher version/edition (check the Feature Matrix And Supported enviroments for the content of each IntraWeb Edition) or when you want to use a newer IntraWeb version with your IDE. In these cases, you need to buy a IntraWeb license.

Upgrading your bundled license

Use this option If you want to simply upgrade your Bundled IntraWeb license to a higher IntraWeb Edition. This option is only valid for the latest IDE version and it is available for a certain period of time. Please check the Buy Online page on the website for the availability of this upgdade option.

In general, we offer a 20% discount over the retail price for this upgrading option.

Buying a new retail license

Use this option if you want to upgrade your IntraWeb to a higher version. If you are using IntraWeb 10 Bundled with Delphi 2007 for example, you can use this option to upgrade your IntraWeb from version 10 to XI. If you are using Delphi XE, you can upgrade the IntraWeb XI (bundled with XE) to IntraWeb XII or higher.

Please check the Buy Online page on the website for license prices.

What do I get when I buy a IntraWeb license

When you buy a IntraWeb license (upgrade or retail) you are basically buying a subscription. Please refer to the IntraWeb subscriptions page for more detailed information.

Renewing your IntraWeb license

When you buy a IntraWeb license you receive a grace perior (1, 2 or 3 year). After this grace period expires, you need to renew your IntraWeb license if you want to continue to update it.

We generarally send automatic renewal licenses, but if you did not receive your renewal message, please send us an email.


  • Does my IntraWeb license expires?

The short answer is no. Neither bundled or paid licenses expires. It means your software will never stops working. Please note that if you install a IntraWeb upgrade released after your license grace period expires, your IntraWeb will turn into evaluation mode. See IntraWeb subscriptions for more details.

  • How many IntraWeb licenses to I need?

IntraWeb is licensed per developer. For each developer who will be developing using IntraWeb you need one licensed copy of IntraWeb. IntraWeb in this respect is licensed very similar to Delphi, or Visual Studio.

  • Can I put IntraWeb on my laptop or home computer too?

If you are the only developer who uses those computers then yes. IntraWeb is licensed per developer and if a developer has more than one computer, IntraWeb may be installed on each so as that individual developer will be the only one who uses IntraWeb.

  • Are there any royalties or run time fees?

No. Programs created by IntraWeb can be distributed completely free of charge. The only license fees are related to the development process.

  • If IntraWeb is per developer, can I transfer it from a developer who has left the company to another developer?

If the license belongs to the company and not the developer personally, an IntraWeb license may be transferred to another developer after a developer has left the company.

  • Can I resell or transfer my IntraWeb license?

Yes, but you must not keep any copies of your license key and the support credentials. The other person has also to accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement explicitly.


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