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Technical Information


Evaluating IntraWeb


Evaluating IntraWeb is very simple. Just download the latest version from our webiste and install it without using a IntraWeb key and you are already using IntraWeb in evaluation mode.

Please check Installing or Upgrading IntraWeb for instructions on how to install IntraWeb.

The Evaluation Edition is nearly fully functional and only contains restrictions affecting deployment. The Evaluation Edition is fully functional in all aspects of development and has no time limit. You can fully develop and test your application before purchasing IntraWeb.

Regrading the deployment restrictions, applications compiled with IntraWeb in evaluation mode will work only when the request comes from The application won't work If you try to run it from a diferent computer on your network. No requests from other IP addresses will be served.

When using thethe SA Server in the evaluation version of IntraWeb, everytime you start the application the embeded web server will listen in a diferent port number, which means you can't bookmark the application URL. Any port settings you may specify will be ignored. Testing is facilitated in evaluation mode by use of the execute menu item as it automatically adjusts its URL for the changing port.

In the evaluation version, installing the stand alone server as a service is disabled as well SSL support and you may not deploy any applications created with the evaluation edition.

Check the Feature Matrix And Supported enviroments page for a complete descritption of what is included in each IntraWeb edition.


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