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The TIWRegion control is the IntraWeb equivalent of the TPanel from VCL. Use this control to group other controls in your IWForms.

TIWRegion = class(TIWHTML40Container)


property BorderOptions: TIWContainerBorderOptions

Use this property to change the border options of the control.

TIWContainerBorderOptions properties
  • property BorderWidth: TIWContainerBorderWidth: defines the border width (cbwThin, cbwMedium, cbwThick, cbwNumeric);
  • property Color: TIWColor;
  • property NumericWidth: Integer: defines the biorder width when BorderWidth is cbwNumeric
  • property Style: TIWContainerBorderStyle: defines the border style.

property ClipRegion: Boolean;

Use this property to inform if the IWRegion will clip the controls larger than the IWRegion area.

If ClipRegion is true, the dimensions of an absolutely positioned element that should be visible will be clipped into the IWRegion shape. Note that the scrollbars will be shown, if they are enabled.

If ClipRegion is false, the element will be shown outside of the IWRegion boundaries.

The ClipRegion property maps to CSS clip property.

property LayoutMgr: TIWContainerLayout;

Use this property to connect your IWRegion to a Layout Manager component, as the TIWTemplateProcessor. See Working with Templates for more information.

property RenderInvisibleControls: Boolean; (this property is defined in the class TIWBaseContainer)

Use this property to inform that any control that has Visible = False when the container it is rendered will also be rendered along with the visible controls. This is particulary useful when you need to change the visibility of controls using Async events.

property Splitter: Boolean;

Use this property to add a splitter to the IWRegion when it is aligned as alLeft, alTop, alRight, alBottom.



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