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The TIWImage is the IntraWeb equivalent of the TImage from VCL. As the VCL equivalent, the image is embeded in the IW Form DFM.

TIWImage = class(TIWCustomImage)


property JpegOptions: TIWJpegOption;

Use this properties to adjust the output settings for the Image, when the OutputType property has the value otJPeg

TIWJpegOption properties:

  • property CompressionQuality: TJPEGQualityRange m(100..1):Indicates the trade-off ratio between the image quality and the file size.
  • property Performance: TJPEGPerformanc (jpBestQuality, jpBestSpeed):Controls the trade-off between color quality and speed of decompression.
  • property ProgressiveEncoding: Boolean: Determines whether an image can be progressively displayed when it is decompressed.
  • property Smoothing: Boolean: Determines whether the jpeg image displays in blocks or with blurred edges.

property OutputType: TIWImageOutput (ioJPEG, ioGIF, ioPNG);

Use this property to indicate the output type of the image.

property Picture: TJPEGImage;

Specifies the image that appears on the image control.

property TransparentColor:TIWColor

Use this property to specify the transparent color when you choose ioGIF or ioPNG for the property OutputType.


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